How clean is your car? If you don’t wash it regularly, you could end up with costly maintenance and safety issues.

You might occasionally run your vehicle through a car wash. But there are benefits to doing the job yourself — including preserving the paint and being able to get into every nook and cranny.

Ready to get started? Follow these five tips to wash your car thoroughly and correctly.

  • Wait for the right weather.

    Instead of washing your car on a sunny day, wait for overcast skies or park in a shady area. Direct sunlight can dry the soap too quickly, leaving streaks and spots behind.

  • Work from top to bottom.

    Hose off your car first, and then use a soft sponge to apply auto shampoo. Starting at the top, wash and rinse your vehicle in sections such as the roof and windows, rear, sides and front. When you get to the front, take a rag and wipe down your windshield wipers.

  • Don’t forget the wheels and undercarriage.

    Your wheel wells and bottom framework can collect dirt, grime and debris. Use a scratch-proof brush and a gentle cleaner for these areas.

  • Dry with a microfiber or chamois cloth.

    Letting your car air dry will leave streaks. Seal in the hard work you just did by carefully hand drying the exterior and windows.

  • Finish with wax.

    This extra step gives your vehicle a cleaner finish, protects against the elements and makes it easier to clean next time.

A clean car is a comfortable car, and a well-maintained one retains its value longer. Do you have questions about your auto insurance policy? Reach out anytime.