Summer is the perfect time for a road trip. Whether you’re getting away to the nearest lake or crossing state lines to visit friends or family, you want to get there safely.

Here’s a quick refresher on how you can prevent common driving mistakes and make sure you have a smoother trip.

3 Mistakes to Avoid 

1. Not inspecting your tires. If you drive a newer car, the instrument panel might notify you when your tires need air. If not, use a tire pressure gauge to check. Low pressure plus hot weather can cause a blowout, especially under the added weight of luggage and passengers.

Equally important, check your tires’ tread depth. Worn tires make it harder to brake, especially on wet roads. Better yet, ask your mechanic to make sure your car is in top shape before you leave.

2. Forgetting to pack a car emergency kit. Even with a recently tuned-up vehicle, things can happen that may leave you stuck on the road longer than you planned. A car emergency kit can help you handle these incidents with less stress. Include plenty of food and cold water for people and pets, plus items like jumper cables, a functional spare tire and a working flashlight.

3. Skipping a traffic check before you head out. An app like Google Maps can tell you if there’s a major traffic jam in your way. Be prepared to plan an alternate route or adjust your schedule if necessary. After all, no one likes getting stuck in bad road conditions

Another common driving mistake is not having enough insurance coverage. Before you hit the road, reach out to make sure you’re fully protected.