Your needs can change as you encounter different milestones. Has your insurance coverage kept up with your life?

If you’ve experienced a big shift or have something planned for the future, you may need to adjust your policy accordingly.

Want to make sure you have the right protection? Review this list of events to see if you should make updates to your insurance coverage.

  • New Employment: Are you working from home due to the pandemic? Lost your job or found a new one? Any time your commute changes, you should update the mileage on your car insurance policy.
  • Change in Marital Status: Have you gotten married or divorced recently? You might need to edit your homeowners insurance if you moved to a new address. And with your auto coverage, you can add or remove your spouse or ex-spouse as well as their vehicle.
  • Purchasing Property: Whether you’re buying your first home or your next one, you’ll need a homeowners policy. And if you’re relocating to another city or state, your auto insurance may be affected as well.
  • Having or Adopting Kids: From babies to new teen drivers, kids can change what you need from your car insurance. Get in touch if you have questions, want to adjust your coverage or if you’re ready to put your teen on your policy.
  • Reaching Retirement: Winding down from the nine-to-five can bring on some shifts, including how much you drive and whether you’re planning to move. Together, we can discuss your next steps and make updates to your coverage.

Life is full of changes. Reach out today to discuss your recent or upcoming milestones.